Leo Maia - UX Designer and Illustrator

About me

Hi there! I am Leo Maia and I've been a professional UX Designer (or whatever kids call these days) for the past 15 years and counting.

I started out with my own Web Design business, moved into TeleListas.net (my first regular employment) and worked at Petrobras Research Division where I was able to work on several complex scientific applications for varied purposes within the company.

Since 2014 I have been working at Booking.com. In the past 3 years or so, I've also been a Team Lead balancing it out with my responsibilities as an UX Designer.

As a UX Designer at Booking.com I've been able to work on the 2 sides of the company. First on the partner side building products to improve the experience of properties doing business with us. During this period I was able to work on 2 brand new products from scratch which was a great opportunity for me: an Analytics-like product that provides insights on the partners businesses with Booking.com in a variety of business metrics and breakdowns. The other product comprised of a recommendations system with business advice on how partners can take the best out of their relationship with Booking.com.

After 2 and a half years I moved to work on customer-facing products and worked on a couple of teams dedicated to improving the user experience in the check-out process for our web platforms. The main difference between the work done in the customer-facing product has been its small-steps iterative nature compared to the brand new product development approach back on the partner side. Despite of that my team has also been trying to break new ground within the check-out experience in order to address both customer and partner pain points which means we currently take full ownership of a problem and don't limit ourselves to the platform we work on.

As a Designer I tend to have a very flexible and adaptive way of working depending on the problems my team is looking to solve or the kind of product we are building. It involves doing User Research, rapid or high fidelity prototyping, getting lots of feedback within and outside the team, iterating on it, discussing more and doing more User Research as needed. Depending on the set-up we may run A/B experiments to (in)validate our assumptions or take other approaches. Also I am responsible to implementing my solutions in our code base and setting up A/B experiments working in collaboration with Developers and other Designers.

As a Team Lead I am responsible for a multi-functional team in collaboration with the Product Manager, managing team members performances, coaching people and helping them to develop in their desired career paths whilst also monitoring team's health and contributing with its processes and success.

Feel free to drop a line via oleomaia@gmail.com

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