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About me

I am Leo Maia, a Brazilian designer with 16+ years of experience living in Amsterdam and working at Booking.com since 2014. I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Design / Visual Communication (2005) and a post-grad in Ergonomics & Human-computer Interaction (2006). Check out my resume.

I am really driven towards understanding and solving complex problems using an iterative process comprised of user research, leveraging data insights, diverse forms of exploration, interaction and visual design. Learn more about my process.

The creative process is my biggest passion and it's a double win for me whenever I am able to apply any form of creative thinking into my work otherwise I seek to build and create whenever time allows me. That usually means drawing, working on a illustration, a person's portrait or playing the bass and making music.

Make sure to check some of the design projects I worked on or a bunch of the illustrations I've done. If you're curious about the music bit, you can check my Soundcloud profile or this other project. I can't promise it is good, but it's something I have fun doing and tells a bit more about me.



UX Designer December 2014 (present)

The biggest Online Travel Agency in the world. At Booking.com I had the chance to work on multiple products across different areas of the business.

  • Pay at the Property (2020, present)
  • Transactional Policies Experience (2019, present)
  • Book Without Credit Card (2017 – 2019)
  • Book Process (Checkout) (2016 – 2018)
  • Team Lead (2016 – 2020)
  • Partner Performance Tools (2014 – 2016)

As Team Lead, I managed multiple cross-functional product teams holding weekly 1-1s with every team member, supporting them pursuing their career goals and managing their performance by giving timely and actionable feedback. I worked closely with Product Managers to monitor teams health and refine processes organising and facilitating retros, resolving conflicts within my team and across my track and removing blockers whilst delivering on my UX Designer role duties.

Petrobras Research Center

Senior UX Designer October 2011 – November 2014

Brazil's behemoth oil company. There I worked on a range scientific applications to be used by engineers and scientists in the oil refinery field.


Web Designer June 2010 – October 2011


Owner / Web Designer June 2004 – June 2010