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My process

My process tends to be very informal but comprises of an iterative approach using varied methods as needed. It may start out as simple as writing a doc with basic requirements up until implementing designs for production and validating them. In between I make use of different techniques to map out the user flows, explore and refine solutions using low to high fidelity mock-ups, plan and participate on user research, implement, run AB tests and analyse their results.


Pay at the Property (2020 – 2021)

project screenshot

A new approach allowing guests to pay for their reservations when they stay whilst giving them and the accommodations more protection.

What I've done
  • Journey flows for partners to potentially opt into the new product and manage reservations within the new flow.
  • Low to high fidelity mock-ups on different stages incorporating feedback from key stakeholders across the business.
  • Planned research iniative in collaboration with User Researcher.
  • Conducted multiple partner interviews.

Transactional Policies (2019 – 2021)

project screenshot

A complete overhaul on the company's cancellation policies for both guests and accommodations.

What I've done
  • Low fidelity visualisation of a high complexity and high uncertainty project for both the policies simplication set-up for accommodations as well full flows on all main policies + payment timing scenarios.
  • Sought out alignment with multiple parties and stakeholders across the business and iterated on those mock-ups whilst raising visibility of the project across the organisation.
  • Flagged potential conflicts with other products and issues early on so we could adapt quickly and discuss with relevant stakeholders a plan of action.

Partner performance tools: Opportunity Center and Analytics (2014 – 2016)

A business recommendations hub and a analytics reporting dashboard for accommodations.

What I've done
  • Gathered requirements and worked close with the PM to refine the problem statement and the projects' value propositions through an iterative process using low fidelity mock-ups.
  • Participated in multiple user research debrief sessions in which we discussed key findings and next steps, problems we should focus on and how iterate on the product.
  • Refined designs to a higher fidelity level to get closer to what the real thing should look like and gather further feedback from our potential users.
  • Implemented the whole product's design for production (html + css) in collaboration with my team's front-end developer.
  • Launched the product and kept learning from users behavior and optimising it using AB experimentation and beta programs.


Several projects (2011 – 2014)

project screenshot

One of the biggest brazilian companies operating in the oil industry. I used to work in its R&D IT department in which I designed several scientific applications of high complexity to be used for refinery work.

What I've done
  • Loads of low to high fidelity wireframes and prototypes to propose solutions for highly complex problems and user interactions to make it easier for scientists and engineers using digital applications.
  • Conducting end user interviews and having a close collaboration with them to refine the understanding of their problems and iterating on the solutions together.
  • Visual design and markup implementation mostly using Bootstrap.